5 of the Must-Have Props for Your Baby Shower Photoshoot

Are you expecting a little one soon and want to commemorate its arrival with your friends and family? You have to hold a baby shower then but what good will it be if you don’t photograph all of the happy memories you make? We know of five props that will make your precious memory-filled pictures come out even sweeter. Scroll down to learn about them!

1. Balloons because there’s no baby shower without them

Never in the history of all of the photographs that exist in the world have balloons ever not made a picture look good. Balloons are a great prop that gives your photographs that much-needed pop of color. If you’re already aware of the gender of your baby, you can get balloons of specific colors or just go for any color you like because it’s 2021, and colors aren’t limited to just one gender anymore.  

2. Lights to celebrate the arrival of an angel


If your baby shower is being held outside, there is no better lighting than natural light. However, if it’s indoors, lighting is extremely crucial because it can take your pictures from a 10 to a 100. Our suggestion would be is to get fairy lights. They’re an easy-to-find and easy-to-set-up prop that will increase the aesthetic factor of your pictures.

3. Flowers simply because they are pretty

You can’t hold a baby shower without flowers. There is no good enough reason for you to not have flowers as a prop because they’re beautiful and smell nice and represent everything good in this world. On a happy occasion such as a baby shower, flowers are a must-have! Trust us when we say flowers are the lucky charm to getting amazing pictures. 

4. Cardboard cutouts to spice things up

Photoshoots aren’t just about capturing pretty moments but also having fun. Sometimes you want to do something different from your usual photoshoots because the same old poses and styles can get a little boring. Get yourself funny and cute cardboard cutouts related to the theme of your event and hold them while taking photos! 


5. Banners to announce it to the world

Make it loud and clear what you’re celebrating and what the event is for. Yes, go tell everyone that you’re having a baby! For example, you can put up a pennant banner that says “Sarah’s Baby Shower”. It will not only be a great decoration piece but also work great as a prop for your photoshoot.

We recommend checking out Sapphire EVENT Management, Pearly Plum By R, and Decorzilla to cater to your event planning and party supplies needs.  What do you think are must-have props for a baby shower photoshoot? Let us know in the comments below!


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