6 Low-Budget Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day

Life is expensive and there is so much to pay for such as food, bills, and other necessities. Weddings play a vital role in many people’s lives and commemorate the start of a new chapter. However, not everyone can afford to spend a lot on their wedding. That’s okay though because we’ve got you covered with six cheap wedding ideas that will still make your day as amazing as ever! 

1. Switch to digital invitation cards

A great way to save thousands of rupees you’ll spend on paying someone else to make physical invitation cards for you is to just switch to digital invitations. You can design the card yourself with your significant other and just e-mail or Whatsapp your guests, after all, we are living in a digital era so why not make the most of it? If you’re wondering how to do that, just head to and you’ll find an array of wedding invitation templates to choose from. This will help you save on money and be a fun activity to do with your significant other!

2. Rent your dress or buy it from a thrift shop

Everybody wants a Sabyasachi wedding dress for their big day but not everyone can afford to buy a designer dress. To each their own, but is it even necessary? You can easily find a similar dress at a much cheaper rate from a wedding dress rental or thrift shop. At the end of the day, it’s about looking great on your wedding day, not about which famous designer’s name is attached to the dress, right? Check out the online stores Closet, Sheops, and prelovedstuffpakistan to rent or buy dresses at affordable rates! 

3. Turn your house or an open area into your venue

If you have a garden or rooftop at home, you can hold your wedding there. If you don’t, you can find another open area to do such, such as a beach or park, or rent someone else’s house for the day! There are so many options besides having to spend on a huge wedding hall. 

4. Buy used decorations


As long as the decorations are in good condition, nobody will know if they are used or not! Nowadays, these wedding decorators are extremely expensive and require you to spend thousands of rupees just for some pretty decorations. You don’t need to do that if you can find used decorations yourself at a much cheaper price!

5. Manage the food catering yourself

If you have family and friends willing to help you cook and serve food, then definitely go for this option! Don’t overdo the choice of dishes and keep it to a minimum of 2-3 dishes and make enough for just everyone to have. For this, revise your guest list and invite only close family and friends so that your team can easily cater to all. The way we handle food at Pakistani weddings needs to change because often food is wasted and disrespected this way. If you have any leftovers after the guests are gone, you can give them to the needy. There will always be someone waiting for a meal and will be thankful for your actions.

6. Split the cost of everything with your significant other

Now, this might not be the norm here in Pakistan, but a wedding is a celebration for two, right? So why not split the cost of everything from making the invitations to food catering because marriage is a joint responsibility and will take the financial burden (read: society’s expectations of how much you should be spending on your wedding) off of you two. Splitwise is a great tool to use to help you with this! 

You might be wondering how many things you have to take care of yourself and if it would just be better to pay someone to do all of this for you instead. I know it seems like a lot of work to be handling everything yourself but trust me you’ll thank me later when you check your savings account! 


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