5 of the Most Breathtaking Places to Visit in Pakistan for Your Vacation Photos

The pandemic may have stopped us from visiting our favorite cities but who needs to go to Paris and Rome when we have beautiful vacation spots right in our own country? From Hunza Valley to the Khunjerab Pass, there is an abundance of places to visit for your annual vacation photos!

1. Hunza Valley’s mountains

Heaven on earth, Hunza Valley is one of the most popular tourist spots for locals and foreigners alike. It is surrounded by magnificent mountains such as the Himalayas and Karakoram, engulfed in greenery and home to some of the clearest waters such as that of Attabad Lake. All of these factors make it the perfect backdrop for the perfect vacation photograph! 

2. Murree’s hills

An underrated spot, the hills of Murree are great for updating your followers of Instagram with a picture. If you’re lucky, you might even capture a cute monkey sitting somewhere on a tree in the background!

If you’re wondering what to do and where to go in Murree, Trip Advisor can help you with that. 

3. Chitral Valley

If you’re visiting Chitral Valley, don’t miss the opportunity to grab a boat to experience the beauty of mountainous peaks around you as you float over the glistening waters with the sun pouring its warm, golden rays on you. While you’re at that, don’t forget to click a shot so that you can keep that memory with you forever.

Within the district of Chitral exist the Kalash Valleys. Kalash (also known as Kalasha) is known for its unique culture and is a popular vacation spot for Pakistanis and international tourists alike. Alex Reynolds, the owner of the travel blog Lost With Purpose, has written down all of the fun things you can do in the Kalash valleys such as visiting the Kalasha Dur museum and attending local festivals. 

4. The magical Fairy Meadows

The beauty of the Fairy Meadows makes us believe that it’s because of the magic of real fairies. Now we don’t know if they really exist, but we know for sure that visiting the Fairy Meadows is no less of a fairy-tale-like experience. Find a picture-worthy spot and click your camera so that whenever you feel like escaping reality, you can always go back to look at that picture as if you never left your fairyland. Head over to FindMyAdventure to make your dreams come true!

5. Khunjerab Pass

Although it lacks the greenery of its fellow counterparts in the northern areas, the beauty of Khunjerab Pass is unique in its own way. The shades of grey, blue, and white of the wide road, clear sky, and snow-covered mountain tops will never fail to amaze you. The middle of the road right in front of the gate that leads to China is the place to stand for the ideal picture. Photograph yourself there and post it on social media to blow your friends and family away! 

If you’ve ever visited some of these beauties of Pakistan, let us know about your experience in the comments below, as well as more places you’d like to suggest to us and other readers!


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