6 Ways to Boost Your Creativity as a Content Creator in the Pandemic

Since the beginning of 2020, our lives have drastically changed due to COVID – 19. Lockdowns around the world were imposed, our social lives became almost non – existent and not to mention the impact this pandemic has had on everyone’s mental health. Staying motivated has not been easy for anyone during these difficult times, especially for those who are content creators and their entire livelihood thrives on their ability to be creative. However, as challenging as it has been, the proverb “where there’s a will there’s a way” is the most fitting to the current times. If you’re someone who is struggling to be creative these days because of the general gloomy and demotivating atmosphere of the world, don’t worry because below are some tips that will definitely make things better!

1. Look for sources of inspiration from home

If you’re a photographer, maybe people are your muse for your photography. However, due to the pandemic and social distancing rules, you are unable to go out and meet people. You’re now demotivated because you can no longer photograph what you love the most, portraits of people. That is okay though because you can still find ways to unleash your creative side despite being locked up at home. If you’re living with any people, ask them if you can photograph them instead. If you’re living alone, try taking self-portraits. It might not seem as fun right now, but trust me you will enjoy it once you realize how to make the most of your current situation.

2. Join an online community of content creators

You’re probably wondering what good will this do. It’s important to remember that you are not alone in this situation. Often, we continue to stay demotivated thinking that it’s just us feeling this way. However, an online community can help you find people who are in the same boat as you. Finding people who can relate to your struggles makes it easier to push yourself to achieve something. You will realize that your thoughts and feelings are being validated and see how other content creators are coping with the same situation. Fotisto’s very own community group for content creators on Facebook is the perfect place for you to join!

3. Learn a new skill

The pandemic is the perfect time to learn a new skill. Let’s say your expertise lie in you being an art director and scriptwriter. Due to the lockdown, you may feel like your options to create content are limited. Or you just don’t feel like doing what you used to love to do. Maybe that’s a sign to try something different and new. Sign up for a graphic designing course online, dive into the world of content writing and SEO or set up a blog for your videography, 3D animations, make-up tutorials, music production, and more. Thanks to the internet and technology, your possibilities to learn a new skill are endless.

4. Find a cause to make content for

If there is nothing else that is motivating you to be creative during the pandemic, maybe you can try to find motivation through something that you feel strongly about. It could be about the environment and climate change or any kind of social or humanitarian issues you would want to raise your voice for. You could make content to educate people and spread awareness about the issues in the world. Your content could even be sold and used to collect donations for the causes that need them. The drive within you to make the world a better place could motivate you to stay creative in these trying times.

5. Set a routine for yourself

This is a lot easier said than done; however, nowadays when there is so much uncertainty around us, having a set routine could help us maintain our motivation and creativity. Although creativity is free and not bound by time, setting particular times for yourself to do nothing except for being creative could get rid of the creativity block you may be facing at the moment. Without keeping any expectations of creating the perfect content, just try to maintain a consistency of creating content to keep those creative juices in your brain flowing! 

6. Don’t forget to take breaks

While I did suggest you set a routine and remain consistent while creating content, it is equally important to take a break when needed. Being creative itself can be a physically and mentally exhausting task. If you do not take a break when necessary, you may experience burnout, which isn’t good either. Considering how difficult the pandemic already is, especially with all of the horrifying and sad news of the atrocities going around the world, one needs a break to recharge themselves. It’s okay if you need some time for yourself to gather the motivation to stay creative, we all do. You’re only human for feeling this way! 

Did you find these six ways to boost your creativity as a content creator in the pandemic helpful? If yes, let us know in the comments below!  


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